2019 will be a very difficult year for SMEs all over Europe.

An ever growing number of people who, incidentally become buyers, are sensible to CSR issues.

It means that more and more people make their choices between two alternative products or services in relation to issues like: respect of environment, consideration for people, consideration for the surrounding community (in other words a large number of stakeholders). This is CSR.

EuroTrends, our company, have been noticing this growing trend (that of buyers more careful than in previous years to CSR) and thought of how to make these CSR principles and their respect available to European SMEs.

It is known the easiness for big companies to incorporate CSR principles into their business. These big companies have large financial and human means to do this. Less easy is for SMEs.

That’s why EuroTrends is proposing the PAL Label

PAL Label means a range of services permitting SMEs to incorporate CSR principles and make it known all over Europe, where the concerned SME can have a market.

How is it possible? The PAL Label is literally a label which is granted to companies wishing to enter the program offered by EuroTrends, enabling those companies (after a suitable inspection by a reputed and internationally known certification company) to be classified as respectful of CSR principles. And this happens through a professional, thorough, but easy procedure, requesting the SME in question, little time.

In addition to this, and aware of organizational issues and sometimes difficulties characterising SMEs, the PAL Label includes two other important services. These are financial services provided by a primary European Bank in European countries where this bank has offices and Legal services provided in all European countries where the selected law firm is present. When we mention Europe/European, we mean the 28 EU countries.

Why financial and Legal services? Because when you enter in touch with people in countries other than yours you often need qualified financial and legal assistance.

Details on extent of these three important services (CSR Certification, Financial services, Legal services) part of the PAL Label, are given in the following pages. Further to the basic three services EuroTrends (henceforth also ET) provides a fourth one, consisting in Export-information assistance providing the PAL members news and useful information on individual European countries, PAL promotional initiatives etc..

Many companies, embracing CSR principles, can make of a problematic or lackluster business a succesful one.

Join the PAL Label proposed by EuroTrends. Your Enterprise will for sure increase its range of business.

For Italian SMEs only

Il decreto legislativo del 30 Dicembre 2016 n° 254, in recepimento di una direttiva UE, chiede alle imprese di medio-grande dimensione di fornire dati su informazioni non fiananziarie. Ciò non riguarda le PMI, tuttavia EuroTrends ritiene sia bene che anche queste forniscano qualche dato in tal senso. Tali dati saranno forniti a complemento della certificazione proposta

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